Healthcare ROI Marketing Tracking Software

Easily track the
source of healthcare

Medlens is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based tracking software made for healthcare marketing professionals to track where their digital leads come from.

Reduce your marketing
spend while increasing

By efficiently tracking the source of your campaigns, medlens gives you the oversight to quickly reallocate spend to ensure you increase leads while reducing costs.

Intuitive platform,
no training required

Medlens was made by healthcare marketing professionals for healthcare marketing professionals. Once you log in, you’ll be able to build trackable campaigns and view results with minimal assistance.

Customized Pricing
for Business of Every Size

For Any Query


Nope, only to the pages you want to track with Medlens.
Medlens will track the pages you add your personal tracking code to. If you do not want to track a certain page, simply don’t add the code to it.
Absolutely not.
Medlens was designed to ensure that it has a negligible impact on the performance of any page on which it is embedded. Our script is 29kb, which is probably smaller than any image on your site.

Medlens plans are as diverse as the needs of our users. We offer customized plans as per website traffic requirements.

Of course! 🙂 You can use Medlens with your entire team. Simply navigate to your Account Settings and choose Settings. Select if you want to grant your team member access to the full account or a specific ecosystem, add their email address, and click Invite.