What is a Voice Lead?

A voice lead is a computer-based conversational AI program that aids in customer service, engagement and support by replacing human support agents. Voice lead used on several websites can also be regarded as a digital assistant that can record, interpret, process user’s requests, and come up with prompt and relevant responses. It is a kind of chatbot or voice widget that stimulates discussion with the end-user through voice or text that can be installed across websites, applications, and messaging platforms such as Facebook Messengers, Twitter, or WhatsApp. In response to real-time user interactions, it uses rule-based language to execute live chat functions.

How the World is Migrating Towards the Use of Voice Bots?

In the past few years, the use of voice bots has significantly increased and attained a lot of acceptance and recognition across all business sectors. The modern-day voice bot system is undoubtedly a more convenient and sophisticated interactive artificial conversational entity that has replaced and augmented traditional customer support systems. In present times, voice bot technology is every brand’s choice that wants to ensure excellent customer experiences. This incredible technology is swiftly gaining popularity among businesses and consumers. Conversational AI-based bots not only improve operational efficiency but also bring cost savings to businesses while providing convenience for customers at the same time.

How does Medlens Voice bot works?

Simple script code will be added to the website which will enable the voice widget on the website. Users can simply send a voice message by tapping on the voice widget and recording a voice message.

The bot will ask for contact information such as email and phone number.

Voice Bot Statistics from Business Perspective:

  • Voice bots assist companies by developing lead generation and customer support.
  • The use of voice bots on various messaging platforms has tremendously advanced making these platforms a voice bot’s driver of growth.
  • For streamlining internal communications and workflows the use of voice bots is being used increasingly.
  • 64% of businesses realized that voice bots will allow them to cater customized support to their customers.
  • For per business interaction voice bots save $0.7.
  • Around 50% of companies are planning to increase their investments in Voice bots.
  • 58% B2B companies are making use of voice bots.
  • It is estimated that 53% of companies use bots within their IT departments, while 20% use them for customer service.
  • By 2023, businesses are expected to save 2.5 billion hours through voice bots.
  • 77 percent of agents believe voice bots free up their time to deal with more complex inquiries since they handle routine tasks.
  • Voice bots are perceived to reduce call volume by 66% of businesses.

Voice Bot Statistics from Consumer’s Perspective:

  • As per recent reports, it has been estimated that 54% of customers believe that companies need to transform the mode of their communication for customers.
  • The use of voice bot technology is developing and expanding across businesses as consumers are demanding round-the-clock support.
  • Consumers are 86% likely to want the option to switch to a human representative when using bots.
  • According to respondents, 69% prefer voice bots for instant feedback

Voice Bot Statistics in Health Sector

Voice bots are gaining rapid traction in the healthcare sector. This conversational AI medium is becoming popular among healthcare organizations. According to the reports, the voice bots in the healthcare market generated $36.5 million of revenue in 2018. This digital program is able to track down the symptoms, manage medications and assist with serious health issues. It guides people about chronic illness and also helps them in scheduling appointments with the relevant healthcare professional. The healthcare industry has grown significantly as a result of advancements in voice bots and other AI tools.

Several world-renowned healthcare companies are using Healthcare voice bots to efficiently meet the demands of their patients, including Pfizer, the NHS, and Mayo Clinic.

  • With the help of voice bots, the patients can be connected to the right doctor within an average time of a few minutes.
  • By using conversational AI, voice bots facilitate a smooth process for scheduling appointments with relevant healthcare professionals. After understanding symptoms and forwarding data to the doctor, bots can connect the right patient with the right doctor.
  • A doctor can diagnose and make prescriptions in real-time by using voice bots. 
  • It is estimated that the Global Healthcare Chatbot will reach US 967.7 million by 2027 at a CAGR of 21.56%.

Benefits of Healthcare Voice Bots:

Voice bots have significantly gained prominence in the healthcare sector as they provide a wide array of benefits like:

  • By reducing waiting time voice bots provide the patients with instant responses that prevent them from waiting in long hospital queues.
  • Voice bots massively reduce healthcare costs by cutting the overhead expenses of operating the administration or call centers. 
  • Voice bots cater the patients by ensuring the provision of timely medical advice and instant information.
  • Doctors working on a tight schedule find it hard to attend to all the patients. For their ease voice bots are accessible round-the-clock.
  • A healthcare voice bot assists the patients by timely monitoring their health, suggesting right treatment and providing them with follow-up reminders.
  • Voice bots make real-time interactions with patients to provide them with prompt responses.
  • By providing efficient and timely solutions, voice bots increases patient satisfaction.

Voice Bots are the Future of the Healthcare Industry:

When your patients need healthcare services, you don’t want them waiting on hold or having to navigate a complicated website. Patients can now receive accurate information about their health without having to visit the hospital with the help of medical voice bots. By providing timely information to patients, interactive bots enable frontline workers to communicate with them in an engaging way.

Interactive voice bots have increased the efficiency of healthcare professionals. It follows that their value in clinical contexts is undeniable. They can lower costs, lessen the workload of medical staff, and increase patient satisfaction. AI-powered bots are becoming essential in the world of digital health. Your customer support department doesn’t need to be staffed around the clock.

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